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AXEL FINCH: How a once hard­working person managed to get rid of arthritis and osteochondrosis in a month

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How to cure joint pain

I would like to tell you my story about how I managed to defeat arthritis of the knee joints and osteochondrosis of the sacral vertebrae. I‘m not a doctor and that’s why I can’t explain how it happened, I’ll just write down what happened.

I am 62 years old, already retired. Before retirement I worked at a steel mill in Krompachy. At first I was a furnace operator, after that I became a Health and Safety technician. Before my retirement I was working on this position for 10 years. Those who know more about this business are perfectly aware of the difference between furnace operators nowadays and those in the past. Today operators just sit and control the entire process from a computer screen. Whereas in my time we did a lot of things manually. Extreme conditions ­ such as high temperatures and dry air ­ inevitably take their toll on the human body. That’s how I destroyed my knees and lower back.

Continuous pain took a toll on my appearance. Within the last 3 years my condition worsened a lot.

I had the opportunity to leave the furnace at the age of 50. I just couldn’t stand working there anymore.. Actually, during the last year I was regularly taking painkillers. I was very lucky that a position for a Health and Safety technician opened up. It’s much easier, and most importantly ­ it’s far from the furnace. The less demanding work helped me a lot. The pain subsided and after a while I stopped taking meds. Unfortunately, three years before retiring for good, I had an accident. I injured my leg on a fishing trip. The traumatic shock and the subsequent use of analgesics probably disturbed the delicate balance – severe pain in my knees and lower back started again.

As a result of the accident my arthritis deteriorated.

If I could, I’d erase those three years from my memories. It was real hell! In the morning I was getting Diclofenac injections from my wife, at work I was injecting it myself, and in the evening my wife did it again. You will ask why I didn't retire earlier? I was helping my son. The company he was working for went bankrupt just months after his wife gave birth. So I tried to contribute at least a little.

Throughout the last year I couldn’t go anywhere without a cane. And prior to the next medical check­up I decided it was time to leave. I would have failed it anyway.

How did I treat myself?

If I had to summarize my extensive experience in the area of joints’ conditions, I could say that the No. 1 treatment for doctors is Chondrosamine. But they may also prescribe you Hydrocortisone or Diprostan...

Those, however, DO NOT HELP!

And frequent injections of Diclofenac to reduce the pain in my joints caused side- effects in the form of stomach pains. And so bismuth subnitrate also made it to my menu as a protection for the stomach.

Since then, I've had fluid extracted from my knee 4 times. And the last time when they were doing it, there was pus coming out as well. The doctor said I would probably need a knee surgery – and maybe even a prosthesis. Instead of an ordinary knee joint I would get one made of titanium. However, as I found out from other sources, even if everything went fine without anya complications, I wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to the cane. And such surgery costs at least 4000 Euros, if high­quality German prosthesis are used. With a cheaper one I could save maybe a thousand. But in that case I’d have to expect some complications. So I couldn’t make up my mind.

I thought about what my life would be like.

I was constantly haunted by the demon of permanent disability. But how can a pensioner get that kind of money? The insurance only covers a small part, if anything at all.

We often talked about it with my wife (I cannot speak highly enough of her sense of responsibility and sound judgement!) and finally we decided to go for surgery. 61 years is nothing, life’s not over at that age yet, and money is meant to be spent. It’s only up to you to decide how.

That’s when a miracle happened!

And I have my wife to thank for it. A former classmate of my hers said that her husband who currently works at the local office had the same problem. Maybe a bit less severe, but not by much.

One day, in front of a shopping center, she noticed how this guy got out of a black beamer and walked swiftly into one of the shops.

On the very same day my wife called her classmate and started asking how Carl (that was the classmate's husband) managed to heal his knees. I mean, there was no surgery, one could tell: people walk a little, well, in fact a lot, differently after a surgery.

My wife saved me, and I will be eternally grateful to her for that.

As it turns out, everything worked out fine thanks to a new American product called ArthroNEO. A person named Igor, who was a friend of Carl's, brought it to him on a business trip to the US, and Carl, just like the statue of Piestany, broke the cane after a month. I repeat – it took ONLY A MONTH!

Me and my wife were pleasantly surprised by this information, but it did not matter much as we had no idea how to get our hands on that product? Apparently it was not sold here or within the EU, and to order something like that from the US is quite problematic. So, feeling regretful, we began preparing for the surgery after all.

After about a month the classmate calls my wife and says that Carl found out from Igor that the ArthroNEO spray was getting certified in the EU as well. My wife asked her to let her know immediately if she finds out something new. So she did, and as soon as it was available online, we ordered the product. We were probably among the first customers!


I started using the spray on my poor knees and lower back. And, wow, was the spray helping me! At first I thought it was just an analgesic, a painkiller, because within 5­10 minutes after spraying, the pain subsided. But after some time I started to feel that my lower back wasn't so stiff anymore. I got used to it ages ago and I was mainly interested in the knees, there was a risk of surgery and prosthesis after all! But after a week, when I was able to bend and put my shoes on without that long, long shoehorn, I realized that ArthroNEO spray really worked!

After 2 weeks I was able to take a half­hour walk without any pain! My condition was getting better! And after another two weeks I was feeling completely healthy – no pain, not even a sign of it! To bend down, walk long distance or go cycling ­ it was not a problem for me anymore..

Now I can ride a bike for 2­3 hours non­stop again.

It's been more than half a year since I recovered. Nothing hurts! Although I have stopped using ArthroNEO quite a while ago. I go fishing, I work in the garden, I spend a lot of time with my grandson! Me and my wife decided to go to Croatia in the summer. We have heard so much about the country from the kids, it would be great to finally see it ourselves.

Since I recovered, playing with my grandson is fun, not torture.

So, those of you who have arthritis, osteochondrosis or arthrosis, those who suffer from joint pain or spine pain, pay attention to this information:ArthroNEO heals the joints!

Official website ArthroNEO >>>

Axel Finch, London.


  1. I’ve been using ArthroNeo for 2 weeks now. I’m very happy with the results. Before I couldn’t even go outside because of the condition. The spray is very practical. You just spray it onto the affected areas and you’re good for 24 hours. It works very quickly. I once got my lower back blocked and thanks to ArthroNeo the pain was gone in 5 minutes!

  1. Very interesting piece of information. I have osteochondrosis of cervical vertebrae, which is why I keep having headaches. Nothing’s helping, not even massages, or Traumeel injections. I really hope that ArthroNeo helps!

  1. Sure, Paul, ArthroNeo will help you. My wife is the same way and the only remedy for her is ArthroNeo.

  1. Ordered it for my husband, because I could no longer bear to watch his suffering. Here’s hoping it helps! He has severe arthrosis of the left knee joint. The pain is excruciating.

  1. It will surely help – it cures the pain and the arthrosis as well.

  1. Thanks for the advice, Axel. Some time ago I was an active rower. I ended up maiming my back. Due to the pain in my spine and my lower back I can’t even sleep anymore. ArthroNeo became my saver.

  1. I bought ArthroNeo in New York when I was there for a business trip. It’s a very good remedy. No matter what they write, American meds are very effective. I hardly remember ever having arthrosis now.

  1. Axel, I took your advice and ordered ArthroNeo. I have polyarthrosis and osteochondrosis. The spray really reduces the pain, but it only works for 16-18, not for 24 hours. What could the problem be?

  1. Nadia, I’m not a doctor, I’m just a person who got cured with the help of ArthroNeo. I can only advise you to continue using it, it will definitely get you rid of the pain. Maybe not as fast as in my case, but it surely will. I believe that.

  1. Ivan Petruna, Prievidza Nadia, I’m not a doctor, I’m just a person who got cured with the help of ArthroNeo. I can only advise you to continue using it, it will definitely get you rid of the pain. Maybe not as fast as in my case, but it surely will. I believe that.

    Thanks, Axel! Thanks to ArthroNeo I regained my mobility! Any kind of movement, standing up, sitting down or lying down meant a lot of pain. I was already considering buying a crutch, and I’m only 55.

  1. I want to say that ArthroNeo also has an effect on swollen legs. That was also why my doctor prescribed it for me. Swelling disappears right before my very eyes.

  1. I’ve never had such problems. But I’m glad that ArthroNeo has helped in your case too.

  1. Alex wrote:

    I’m a truck driver and back pain is an occupational hazard with this profession. ArthroNeo relieves the pain in a snap. I’ve been keeping the spray in my first-aid-kit ever since.

  1. Thanks, Axel. ArthroNeo helped me a lot. The pain is gone like last year’s snow! As if I was born again!

  1. Thank you for the advice, Axel. Thanks to ArthroNeo I became a fully-functional person again, and mainly a fully-functional grandmother!

  1. ArthroNeo really helps, no discussion about that. But not for 24 hours. But it may be individual. Shame…

  1. You just need to have patience, my friend. ArthroNeo really helps – it reduces the pain and it cures arthrosis. You just have to wait, you’re a guy after all.

  1. I’m on my feet nearly all day at work and I often have to bend. ArthroNeo helps to get rid of the pain in the lower back and the swollen legs. I used to lose all feeling in them by the end of the day. Now everything is completely different.

  1. I’m very happy with ArthroNeo. It’s really a remedy of а new generation. The pain in the joints disappears very quickly!

  1. Just ordered it. Waiting for delivery. By the way, they have some kind of discounts on their official website now.

  1. Thanks, Oli. I made it in time for the discount. And thanks to you too, Axel!

  1. We also use ArthroNeo – our entire family. In the past we used to do sports actively. And now we’re paying for it with pain in the legs, the back, and the lower back. Or rather – we were paying!

  1. Hello, Axel! I ordered ArthroNeo for me and my husband. Hope it helps.

  1. For those who lead an active life full of exercise, ArthroNeo is irreplaceable. Joint dislocations, muscle strains – all that causes pain and ArthroNeo spray reduces it very quickly!

  1. ArthroNeo can be bought in Poland as well. It’s a very effective remedy. Totally helps!

  1. ArthroNeo – a very effective product. It works quickly and with a long-term effect. I used to have osteochondrosis as well as arthrosis of the right knee joint. I wanted to change my job because of that – I am a teacher and I spend a lot of time on my feet, which was exhausting for me. ArthroNeo helped me get rid of the condition. I feel much better now. I am ordering it from the official distributor. And I advise everyone to do the same thing.

  1. Today after having ordered online had my first spray. Let us see its effectiveness once the bottle is consumed.

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